On March 11, 1990, we began our first worship services at LaGrange Elementary School. That small group was deeply committed to establishing a new Presbyterian Church in LaGrange. Over the next seven years our congregation slowly grew in numbers to about 60. We moved twice, first to the Mallory Taylor Building in 1991, and then we renovated space in the Charter Building on Yager Ave. Pastors Stuart Bridgman and Howard Smith helped guide the congregation during those challenging years. building

At the end of 1997 we welcomed Pastor Al Earley, his wife Martha, and their children to LaGrange. Pastor Earley immediately challenged the congregation to set our membership goals higher for chartering as a congregation, and adopt a purpose statement, which is "To Help Christians become disciples, and help Christ bring in the HARVEST."" The congregation continued to grow, and began planning to develop the land at our current location in 2000. We broke ground on the new building in August, 2003, and whenever possible did the work ourselves, cutting the average building costs in half. On February 27, 2005, the building was complete and we had our first worship service. Congregational growth in numbers, spiritually, and financially continued over the next year, and on March 12, 2006, sixteen years after the first faithful Christians gathered to start the LaGrange Presbyterian Church, we chartered as an official church of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

We continue to be true to our purpose of helping Christians grow as disciples, as we have committed ourselves to growing in these spiritual disciplines: Worship, Bible study, Prayer, Tithing, Fellowship, Evangelism, and Mission. We invite you to join us in the great and exciting work God has called us to do to help Christ bring in a great Harvest, all to God's glory.