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When a Congregation hears the word “Finance” they usually want to turn and walk the other way, because for most of us we have enough problems with money and didn’t come to hear more at church. Hi, my name is Diane and I to understand where you’re coming from, but God changed me in my prayers. Money is not something that is mine, it is a gift given by God; with that knowledge I give it back to the one who truly loves me. He does so much for us every day; with every penny we spend we need to thank Him for ALL he give to us.

I have been called by God to lead this church with our finances. God has told me that this is His church and He will be the sole leader for ALL decisions. I am to follow Him as a sheep would follow a shepherd, trusting and not worrying when times become critically tight or everyone becomes uptight. For He will walk with us through good times and bad. He will guide us through it ALL and He will carry us through every trouble. I will trust in Him at home and to run the Finances of our church. I will pray to Him daily and by His words I will follow His path to guide our church on the right road to see what wonderful things He has for our future.

Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.

Jeremiah 33:3 NLT

Our Personnel Committee team evaluates our staff’s performance and accomplishments each year.

Our Nominating Committee team gathers new Elder’s to elect each year to present them before the session and congegation for approval.

Our Stewardship team helps design a creative way for us to look at ALL of God’s blessings that He gives to us through the year and showing him how much we love him by giving some back. If you feel called by God to be a part of this ministry please let me know, we will begin our campaign meetings in September.

I, Diane Coffman have been blessed to marry a godly husband, Travis Coffman for a wonderful 19 years. I am a mother to two children, and a step mother to another, and Grammy to two grandchildren. I’m a stay at home Mom who does a little bit of everything, I help out with my husband’s business from home, I work in our church office, I’m involved in bible classes, prayer groups, a homemakers group , and stay busy with family and friends. I love learning about how God loves us in so many ways. I love my quiet getaways for time for me, and I’m a nature lover by heart, God’s beauty is extraordinary.

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