Could God Have Made the World Differently?

September 11, 2023

In his book On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life (© 1859), Charles Darwin famously wrote, “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down. But I can find no such case.” Of course, Darwin never saw inside a cell. He thought it was a simple glob of gelatinous fluid with a dark spot as the nucleus which probably had limited activity going on. We know that the cell is like a city with an electrical system, road system, food processing plant, and of course the city planning office. Many of those systems are so complex that unless they are immediately working correctly the cell or organism will die. Blood clotting is such a system.

Because of the complexity of life statisticians have calculated that it is impossible for life to have formed on our planet in the four billion years evolutionists say it has existed. This has led famed atheist and biologist Richard Dawkins to say he thinks life was planted here by aliens in a famous interview with Ben Stein. Of course, that doesn’t solve the problem. It only pushes it to a realm we cannot prove or disprove, that there is somewhere in the universe where life could start without the help of God.

The reason Professor Dawkins would posit something so unscientific is because he hates the idea that God exists. One of his reasons is he believes the God of the Bible is a horrible deity not worthy of worship. Last week I dealt with one of his objections, the Bible does not directly ban slavery. However, the Bible does have laws making slavery more humane. Further, almost all the great abolitionists in history were Christian and inspired by the Bible.

One could argue that God, in His infinite wisdom, should have just banned slavery. God did ban child sacrifice, child molestation, and torture. There are dozens of texts like this law in Deuteronomy 12:31, “You shall not worship the Lord your God in that way, for every abominable thing that the Lord hates they have done for their gods, for they even burn their sons and their daughters in the fire to their gods.” Jesus reserves His most severe threat of punishment for those who lead children astray. We read in Luke 17:2, “It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.”

Even though God banned evil attacks on children, the evil in the human soul has brought us to a place where the fastest growing vice in human history is the spread of child trafficking for sexual purposes. The cartels that traffic children say, “We can only sell cocaine once. We can sell a child five or more times a day for years.” The FBI refuses to release the list of rich and powerful people that frequented Epstein Island, but there is enough evidence that this evil is well funded. In fact, it is American dollars that drives the child trafficking, child pornography, and child exploitation industry around the world.

This dark evil is dramatically portrayed in the movie “The Sound of Freedom.” It is a great movie that gives us a picture of how the international child trafficking world works. The intensity of the drama will match any James Bond movie. It is my hope that as people become more aware of how fast child trafficking is growing Americans will declare, “God’s children are not for sale.” I liken it to the sea change that occurred when Mothers Against Drunk Drivers swept across the country and changed the way people thought about drunk driving. We need to have that same attitude about child trafficking, demand our politicians write strong laws with very harsh penalties, and enforce those laws so that child trafficking is slowed down.

We can make a difference. Christians before us have in so many liberation movements throughout history. God has a plan for His creation, and one day, in His perfect timing, He will establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and evil will be vanquished.

Do you find the atheist arguments persuasive? Can you imagine a world with free will that is different than the world we have today? If you accept that God exists does that mean, we owe God anything or He can make a claim on us? That should be an interesting discussion for next week. (To find out more about Al Earley or read previous articles see,