Many Good Reasons Not to Accept the Theory of Evolution

January 15, 2024

Last year, Rice University chemist, James Tour, issued a 60-day challenge to leading Origin-of-Life researchers. His claim was that they were lying to the public about their success at proving life could emerge on our planet without God. He posed five very basic origin-of-life questions. If any one of the scientists could answer any of his basic questions, he would remove all of his videos on the topic from the internet and would never speak about it again. Dr. Tour persuasively argues that scientists have not only failed to answer any of these questions, but that everyday, what we know about the cell proves to be far more complicated than anyone ever imagined and, that the scientist’s ability to answer any of these questions is getting far more unlikely. If a living cell cannot emerge on the planet spontaneously then evolution cannot happen. No cell, no evolution.

The fields of chemistry and biology are moving in the wrong direction to ever be able prove life started without God. Statisticians have long looked at what must happen for life to emerge on a hostile planet, with a hostile environment, and have calculated that it is statistically impossible for the theory of evolution to be true. But even more depressing, this theory has brought devastating death and despair on millions of people in the last 160 years.

For example, it was racial prejudice that was at the heart of Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler directly applied the teachings of Darwinian’s evolution and the survival of the fittest to provide the philosophical foundation for the slaughter of Jews. Seventy to eighty-five million people were killed in World War II as the Nazi’s tried to establish they were the “super race.”

Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood to cleanse our country of blacks. To this day, the majority of Planned Parenthood clinics are easily accessible to Black neighborhoods. She believed in the superiority of the white race and wanted to cleanse our nation through abortion. The very act of abortion grows out of a denial that all life is precious because we are created by a good God. It is a lot easier to destroy a clump of cells when we call it a fetus. It is murder when we fight for the right of a mother to kill her baby, in the womb or out.

In our schools at every level, entertainment and by the scientific community, the theory of evolution is taught as fact, not a theory. It is used by most of those communities to question whether God exists and promotes atheism. Godless atheism is completely amoral. As the rise of atheism, agnosticism and shallow and inconsequential faith grow in our country, so does immoral behavior. Nature hates a vacuum. People are filling that vacuum with drug abuse, alcoholism, divorce, anxiety, depression, suicide, murder and fornication, just to name a few.

It was 1859, when Darwin’s book, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life was published. Note the full title. The famous picture of the evolution of man from the chimp to the white man has the black man pictured as less than human compared to white men. This is completely congruent with the title of Darwin’s book. This has affected business and industry leaders as well, through the philosophy known as “social Darwinism.” As these leaders have accepted that evolution is true in the biological sphere, they have also decided that these same methods should apply in the business world: survival of the fittest, elimination of the weak, no love for the poor. In my six decades of living, I have never witnessed more immorality by our business, industry, political and church leaders than today.

Am I blaming evolution for all the evils of society? I like Ken Ham’s answer from his internet article, “The Evils of Evolution.” He writes, “My answer is, “Yes and no.” No—because it is not primarily evolution that is to blame, but the rejection of God as Creator. As people reject the God of creation and therefore reject His rules, they abandon Christian ethics and accept beliefs in accordance with their own opinions. Yes—because, in a very real sense, the justification for people rejecting the God of creation is the so-called “scientific” view of evolution. Evolution is the main justification today for rejecting belief in divine creation.”

Are you afraid that, if you accept the Biblical explanation of life, people will think you are stupid or unenlightened? Would your faith be stronger if you decided that God is the author of life, and reveals this through His word? It matters what we believe. Take the time to decide. (To find out more about Al Earley or read previous articles see,