• Apr 24, 2017
    I Really Don't Like Fasting

    In Minnesota, during the summer of 1876, there was a swarm of grasshoppers destroying the crops. It was the fourth year in a row that the wheat, corn, oat, and barley fields were destroyed across the state. There was a fear that the grasshoppers would return, so Governor John S. Pillsbury proclaimed a day of prayer and fasting on April 26, 1877 (that was 140 years ago this week!), urging every man, woman, and child to petition God's protection. When the appointed day arrived, schools and businesses were closed as people prayed for Divine intervention.

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  • Apr 17, 2017
    Resurrection Disciples Do You Love Me?

    After Jesus is raised from the dead there is this wonderful scene on the beach in Galilee, where Jesus deals with his friend. They have breakfast together after a record breaking catch, and Jesus is alone with Peter (John 21). Jesus asks Peter, 'Do you love me?' The great power of this question is more obvious when we read it in Greek. The word for love Jesus uses is 'agape,' which means unconditional love. So, Jesus is asking Peter, 'Do you love me unconditionally?'

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  • Apr 10, 2017
    Resurrection Disciples Are Not Afraid of Death

    When Peter was on the mountain where Jesus was transfigured he had the most amazing mountain top experience. His mountain top faith must have seemed a distant memory when he denied Jesus the third time, heard the rooster crow, and remembered that is exactly what Jesus predicted would happen.

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  • Apr 2, 2017
    Resurrection Disciples - Liar's Dice

    My family likes to play a game called 'Liar's Dice. Everyone starts with five dice, and rolls them without anyone knowing what everyone else rolled. Then the bidding begins. The object of the bidding is to convince others, lying if you must, that you have made a good bid. When someone calls, 'Liar,' then everyone shows their dice, and count only the bid number. If you lied you lose a dice. If you are right the person who called you a liar loses a dice. Last one with dice wins.

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