• Jun 12, 2017
    How Full Is Your Cup?

    I never realized there could be so many answers to the question, 'When you look at a cup do you see that it is half full or half empty?' An entrepreneur sees that the cup is waiting to be filled. A consultant says the problem is that you have too much cup. An accountant would insist that if the cup is a fixed cost, and the water is a variable cost, then the unused capacity should be considered a sipping expense. The marketer would advise that if we position the cup properly we could sell it to both the optimist and the pessimist. Ben Franklin once commented that the optimist is usually disappointed, while the pessimist is often pleasantly surprised. The Bible says, 'My cup overflows' (Psalm 23:5), which really changes the whole way of looking at cups. A closer look at Psalm 23 gives us many reasons why our cups are indeed running over.

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  • Jun 5, 2017
    How Much Does God Want Me to Serve Others?

    My friend, Betty, had suffered the loss of her beloved daughter, and was in desperate search for something to help heal her broken heart. She spoke to her minister who suggested she volunteer at the local helping agency to get her out of her house and help her to think about something else besides her grief. She started volunteering one day a week, then two, and soon she was helping every day of the week. By the time I got on the Board of Directors she was the director of the agency. Her kind heart, common sense, and desire to help others helped her become an amazing director. I asked about her story, and it went something like this.

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